A Hero

I currently work part-time in a group home for adults with developmental disabilities where I have had the privilege of serving a good man named Dennis. Dennis had a passion for all things superhero. His room was a collage of colorful superhero posters and action figures, and Dennis had an extensive comic book collection that likely rivaled many enthusiasts. Dennis spent most of his time reading these books, absorbing every detail of the complex superhero world and sharing that knowledge with the support group at his home.

Word spread on the internet of Dennis’s love for superheroes, and of his battle with cancer. It was not long before “Cosplay” characters from around the world reached out to Dennis and began sending him cards of compassion, hand-drawn posters and meticulously crafted superhero masks. Dennis received over 500 pieces of mail in just a couple of weeks. Here is video relaying a thank you to everyone that shared their hearts with Dennis and to all of those that sent him the many beautiful gifts that made the last few weeks of his life ones filled with joy.

2 thoughts on “A Hero

  1. Max, Thanks for putting this great set of pics and video together. You are a fine human spirit, and thanks for all the care you gave to Dennis. I know he really loved you like an “old friend”. This is a fine tribute to him. Gary Struckhoff

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